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Prsidential address
Conversation between theologian-bishop Rt. Rev. Thomas Dabre and Fr. Francis Gonsalves, as the new President of JDV, Pune

Corpus Christi

By Prof. Fr. Francis Gonsalves, SJ, President, JDV, Pune, and Exec. Secty. of CCBI's Commission for Theology

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Diocesan Priests - Birthdays (Monthwise)
 2Fr. Isidore Soares
 16Fr. Alex Quadros
 19Fr. Vinay Lopes
 24Fr. Julien Misquitta
 28 Fr. Arokia Sheelan
 28 Fr. Peter Anthony
 29 Fr. Mathew Joseph
 10Fr. Lui Heredia
 10Fr. Obedas Gaikwad
 11 Fr. Fernando da Costa
 13Fr. Wilfred Fernandes
 17Fr. William Saldanha
 21Fr. Albert Fernandes
 15Dn. Roy Dmonte
 2Fr. Jesu Anthony
 4Fr. Andrew Kshirsagar
 5Fr. V. Louis
 18Fr. Linus Dabre
 24Fr. Stanley Fernandes
 28Fr. Peter Rodrigues
 9Fr. Arun Tribhuvan
 10Fr. Anthony Paul
 18Fr. Colin Hendricks
 20Fr. Sebastian Mony
 23Fr. Victor Borde
 29Fr. John Kannikairaj
 30Fr. S. Dhiruviyam
 31Fr. Alfred Miranda
 4Fr. S. A. Louis
 8 Fr. Joseph Santiago
 25Fr. William Fernandes
 26Fr. Louis D'Mello
 2Fr. Vincent Pereira
 7 Fr. George D'Souza
 9Fr. Melwyn D'Souza
 15 Fr. Johns Varghese
 15 Fr. Godvyn Saldanha
 15Fr. Gerald Saldhana
 16 Fr. Joe Abraham
 16Fr. L. P. Irudhayaraj
 20Fr. Dennis Joseph
 21Fr. James Luke
 27Fr. Anand Gaikwad
 4Fr. Elias Rodrigues
 7Fr. Simon D'Souza
 9Fr. Rohan Gawdhya
 18Fr. Roque Alphonso
 21Fr. Jovian D'Mello
 23 Fr. Joseph Dantas
 3Rt. Rev. Valerian D'Souza
 3Fr. Raphael Muntode
 23Rt. Rev. Thomas Dabre
 24Fr. William Anthony
 4Fr. Malcolm Sequeira
 4Fr. Simon Almeida
 6Fr. Vivek Salve
 7 Fr. Walter Singarayan
 9Fr. Benjamin Pereira
 16Fr. Edwin Joseph
 20Fr. Jeetendra David
 21Fr. Rajesh Bansode
 26 Fr. Salvador Pinto
 29Fr. Lazarus Chawdi
 1Fr. Mariano D'Silva
 4Fr. Vincent Silway
 5Fr. Gerald Cardoz
 19Fr. Roque Green
 27Fr. Theodore Gomes

23 Fr. Joseph Dantas
Faith Walk 2020
Altar Servers

Online Altar Servers Ministry. This initiative is taken by Don Bosco Youth Centre as a service to the Diocese of Poona to enhance online teaching.

Salesian Catechetical Centre New

Rosary Marathon
The diocese is organising a rosary marathon during the month of October.

Total rosaries said so far:

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Sad Demise
With deep regret and sorrow we announce the sad demise of Rev. Valerian D’Souza (the Emeritus Bishop of Poona) who left for Heavenly Abode on Tuesday 25/02/2020 at 11.20 pm.

Eternal rest, grant unto him O Lord and let the perpetual light shine upon him. May his soul rest in peace.